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I wrote about the Karate Kid for BoingBoing

Glad that after writing this, I enjoyed the new movie. It paid enough homage to the original to earn its name/misnomer, depending on how you look at it. [Boingboing]

Things To Do In 30 Days Off

  1. Go to Australia or the Maldives and learn how to scuba
  2. Get back to welterweight or light-middleweight
  3. Surf 20 days
  4. Read 20 books
  5. Spend time with my dogs, maybe get another one
  6. Start and name my ocean site
  7. Relax
  8. Get better at Scrabble
  9. Practice swimming
  10. See people I haven’t in a long time
  11. Learn to cook 10 new meals
  12. Sleep in late every day
  13. See my dad
  14. Grow my moustache
  15. Figure out what an iPad is for
  16. Get my medical card
  17. Visit Matt in Santa Cruz

Update: Did all of this, except shaved moustache, didn’t see my dad, bought a house, learned to cook 4 new meals, read 10 books, learned scuba local, not in aust or maldives, and surfed 25 days, not 20.

How to Write With Style, By Kurt Vonnegut

In Sum:

1. Find a subject you care about

2. Do not ramble, though

3. Keep it simple

4. Have guts to cut

5. Sound like yourself

6. Say what you mean

7. Pity the readers

The Shi-Tones

coverI just discovered by means of my and Lisa’s favorite secret yakitori joint in SF, a cool surf band called the Shi-Tones. Lisa accidentally asked the waitress, whose father is in the band, what the shit-tones were. Whatever, anyhow, listen to their rendition of Sleepwalk if you feel like falling asleep and dreaming of nice things. And here’s a link to their performance of Endless Summer’s soundtrack, live. []

Get Ready

Hi there! Been reviewing the type of stuff I reviewed year 2 in my career. Feels like Groundhog Day. I’ve got a massive backlog posts I’m going to spit out one line at a time, right now.

Miyamoto Musashi’s Wooden Practice Swords

IMG_8781.JPGJapan’s greatest swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, killed one of his greatest opponents in a duel on an isolated island. His opponent wielded steel; He carved a wooden sword out of an oar on the way to the fight, which he used to crack his enemy’s skull.

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